November 2019
Steep Terrain Hazardous Fuels Treatment Demonstration California Association of Resource Conservation Districts 2019 Annual Conference

October 2018
Feasibility Assessment for a Commercial Scale Biomass Conversion Facility in Central Arizona (PDF)
Upper Verde River Watershed Protection Coalition, Prescott Valley, Arizona

June 2018
SMUD Strategic Implementation Plan for Food Waste Collection (PDF)
Sacramento Municipal Utility District

February 2018
Steep Terrain Hazardous Fuels Treatment Demonstration (PDF)
El Dorado Fire Safe Council

August 2017
Small Modular Biomass Systems Review and Demonstration (PDF)
Sacramento Municipal Utility District

January 2017
Biomass Thermal Heating at California Conservation Camps (PDF)
California Biomass Working Group, January 2017 Meeting

January 2017
Status Update of California’s Biomass Power Sector (PDF)
Forest Vegetation Management Conference, January 25, 2017

October 2016
Wood Feedstock Supply Assessment for Yavapai County
Upper Verde River Watershed Task Force, Prescott, Arizona

August 2016
Wood Waste Utilization Assessment, Second Community Meeting – Taos, NM Region (PDF)
Taos, NM Community Meeting, August 25, 2016

June 2016
Woody Biomass Power Potential in the Sacramento Area (PDF)
Biomass Technical Advisory Group June 2016 Meeting

June 2016
Wood Waste Utilization Assessment – Taos, NM Region (PDF)
Taos, NM Community Meeting, June 8, 2016

January 2016
Current Status of California’s Biomass Power Sector (PDF)
37th Annual Forest Vegetation Management Conference

April 2015
Forest Biomass Feedstock Assessment – Key Factors to Consider (PDF)
NORCAL Society of American Foresters/Univ. of California Extension Webinar

April 2015
Overview of the California Biomass Power Industry (PDF)
NORCAL Society of American Foresters/Univ. of California Extension Webinar

March 2015
Wilseyville Bioenergy Project Feedstock Procurement Plan – Update to the ACCG (PDF)
Amador-Calveras Consensus Group Meeting

March 2015
Food Waste Collection Program (PDF)
SMUD-Sponsored Biogas Resource Assessment, Procurement, and Pilot Collection Program

October 2014
Bioenergy Project Environmental Permitting (PDF)
Bioenergy Association of California & American Biogas Council

June 2014
Gasification – An Introduction (PDF)
What is Woody Biomass Gasification?

May 2014
Forest Bioenergy – An Introduction (PDF)
Bringing Bioenergy Opportunities to Eastern Fresno County

October 2013
Feedstock Supply Availability Cost & Contracting (PDF)
Sierra Nevada Community Scale Bioenergy Workshop

October 2013
Forest Biomass Utilization Strategies: Renewable Energy’s Role in Forest Restoration (PDF)
Investment Strategies to Restore Arizona Forests – Smallwood Conference, Flagstaff, AZ

October 2013
Observations on Managing a Small Business in the Renewable Energy Sector (PDF)
Introduction to Business of Biomass – Smallwood Conference, Flagstaff, AZ

April 2013
Legislative & Policy Directives to Promote Biomass Power in a Time of Cheap Natural Gas (PDF)
27th Annual BioCycle West Coast Conference

April 2013
North Fork Bioenergy Project Overview (PDF)
North Fork Community Power Biomass Facility Development

January 2013
Future of Our Forests: Energy’s Role in Forest Management (PDF)
Harvesting Clean Energy Conference – Corvallis, Oregon

January 2013
Torrefaction, Biochar, & Biofuels: Valued Added Products for Forest Biomass? (PDF)
NorCal Society of American Forests

January 2013
Wilseyville Product Yard Feasibility Study – Forest Feedstock Availability Review (PDF)
Amador Calaveras Consensus Group Meeting – West Point, California

December 2012
Strategic Siting of Community-Scale Bioenergy Projects in California (PDF)
Community-Scale Bioenergy Conference

December 2012
Legislative and Policy Directives to Promote Biomass Power in a Time of Cheap Natural Gas (PDF)

September 2012
Biomass Energy Conversion Technologies and Trends in California (PDF)
Sierra Nevada Alliance

September 2012
Biomass Energy Trends and Lessons Learned in the West (PDF)
Utah Biomass Summit

May 2012
Right Sizing Facilities to Meet Forest Restoration Objectives (PDF)
Smallwood 2012 – Flagstaff, Arizona

April 2012
Forest Biomass Utilization Alternatives in the Upper Feather River Watershed (PDF)
Community Meeting – Quincy, California

April 2012
Quinault Indian Nation Biomass Feasibility Study (PDF)
Quinault Indian Nation – Business Committee

February 2012
Biomass Power Generation Resource and Infrastructure Requirements (PDF)
Idaho Forest Restoration Partnership Conference, Boise, Idaho

January 2012
Forest Biomass Transport – Challenges, Innovations, Lessons Learned (PDF)
Pacific West Biomass Conference – San Francisco, California

July 2011
Net Air Emissions Reduction Due to Forest Biomass Diversion to an Existing Biomass Power Facility (PDF)
Biomass Work Group – Sacramento, California

May 2011
Use of Roll-Off Containers to Facilitate Recovery of Forest Biomass – A Case Study (PDF)
International Biomass Conference – St Louis, Missouri

April 2011
Biomass Feasibility & Technical Assessment Studies (PDF)

January 2011
Development of a Small-Scale Biopower Facility at Lake Tahoe – Opportunities and Challenges (PDF)
Pacific West Biomass Conference – Seattle, Washington

January 2011
Net Air Emissions Reduction Due to Forest Biomass Diversion to an Existing Biomass Power Facility (PDF)
Pacific West Biomass Conference – Seattle, Washington

December 2010
Woody Biomass Utilization, Emerging Technologies and Biopower Project Development Considerations (PDF)
Northern Sierra Biomass Task Force – Nevada City, California

November 2010
Woody Biomass Fuel/Feedstock Assessment – Key Factors to Consider (PDF)
Future Energy Conference – Seattle, Washington

February 2010
Woody Biomass Feedstock Assessment – Key Factors to Consider (PDF)
Ensuring Forest Sustainability Workshop – Davis, California

February 2010
Biopower Project Development in California (PDF)
Field Trip to SPI Lincoln

May 2008
Permitting Considerations for Biomass Energy Facilities (PDF)
Biomass Utilization Workshop – Auburn, CA

January 2008
Biomass Power Plant Development in California, Overview and Lessons Learned (PDF)
Renewable Energy Conference California Tribes

November 2007
Alcohol Fuels from Biomass – Assessment of Production Technologies (PDF)
Pacific Coast Clean Energy Forum – Portland, Oregon

October 2007
Bioenergy: Fuel Supply in the NW and Other Elements of Successful Biomass Projects: Spotlight on Oregon Tribes (PDF)
Tribal Energy in the Northwest – Law Seminars International

September 2007
Air, Water and Land Use Permitting Considerations for Biomass Energy Facilities in OR and CA (PDF)

May 2006
Bio-Power Environmental Issues and Regulatory Strategies: Warm Springs as an Example (PDF)
NAEMI Biomass & Business Training Workshop