Wildfire Hazard Planning & Mitigation Assistance

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Climate Change & Renewable Energy Policy

TSS has extensive expertise in assisting organizations with the practical aspects of addressing climate change in an uncertain regulatory environment.

Our work includes greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions management, life cycle assessments using an innovative 5E approach, and research and development of carbon sequestration. As part of our services in GHG emissions management, we assist companies with greenhouse gas inventory system design, development and implementation, emissions reporting and verification, emission reduction project analysis, training, and industry benchmarking. TSS often partners with industrial clients, the USDA Forest Service, the California Energy Commission, and the U.S. Department of Energy to perform pioneering work on greenhouse gas emissions, life cycle assessments and carbon sequestration.

Greenhouse Gas Life Cycle Assessment

  • TSS offers comprehensive GHG life cycle assessment services using industry standards to establish baseline emissions and assess project emissions. TSS utilizes its expertise for CEQA review, grant applications, low carbon fuel standard (LCFS) pathways, and the development of statewide protocols.

Renewable Energy Policy

  • TSS offers assistance with communications tools for and technical evaluation of renewable energy policy. TSS has developed policy papers, communication strategies, and technical assistance to promote the development of renewable energy projects including renewable electricity and renewable gas.

Sustainable Resource Management and Practices

  • TSS is well versed in natural resources management techniques and practices, including forest fuels treatment and wildfire behavior mitigation. Sustainable management practices as set by third party NGOs, such as the Forest Stewardship Council and the Sustainable Forestry Initiative, provide guidelines that TSS can use as a template when working with clients. TSS advocates for the sustainable management of all natural resources.

Legislative and Regulatory Review and Strategy

  • TSS tracks and evaluates a myriad of state and federal legislative mandates, regulatory requirements, funding programs, policy developments, and executive orders that provide current and emerging incentives to bioenergy development.