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Market Assessment & Financial Analysis

TSS provides assessments for displacing existing markets with new products or services with an emphasis on advanced and emerging technologies and renewable energy products.

These market assessments include competition analysis, determination of price discounts, and product enhancements needed for obtaining market share, stage of existing markets in terms of maturity cycles and windows of opportunity, and likely competitor responses to new product competition. Coupled with the market assessment is financial analysis to analyze whether a sustainable, financially viable business model may exist.

Renewable Electricity

  • TSS provides expertise in behind the meter, net energy metering, export only renewable electricity development, and utility feed-in tariff programs such as California’s ReMat and SB 1122 Bioenergy ReMAT programs. This expertise includes energy audit services to develop an understanding of facility electricity utilization and price structure to determine appropriate renewable infrastructure.

Renewable Transportation Fuels

  • Conversion technologies used in the production of renewable transportation fuels (e.g., renewable diesel, renewable natural gas) continue to evolve. TSS has the expertise to assess market opportunities to introduce these products to a range of offtake customers, ranging from trucking fleets to power utilities.

Solid and Liquid Byproducts

  • Conversion of biomass via gasification or anaerobic digestion can product both solid and liquid byproducts that can add value to bioenergy projects. Solid byproducts such as biochar and solid phase digestate from anaerobic digestion can be sold as soil supplements, fertilizers, compost additives, etc. Liquid byproducts from anaerobic digestion can also be utilized as fertilizers. TSS has evaluated these byproducts in the market place from several bioenergy projects.

Thermal Heat Utilization

  • TSS provides expertise in conversion or augmentation of existing heating systems to utilize biomass thermal heating. TSS offers energy audit services to develop an understanding of a facility’s heat utilization and price structure to determine appropriate scale and economic potential for biomass heating. TSS has assisted both state and county agencies with detailed assessments focused on utilization of wood waste fired thermal heating systems.

USDA and US Department of Energy Loan Guarantees

  • Financial institutions have retained TSS to conduct diligence grade assessments consistent with USDA and US DOE protocols. Large-scale renewable energy projects regularly seek USDA or US DOE loan guarantees when securing long-term debt financing. TSS understands key project level risks that these federal agencies need addressed to implement loan guarantees.

Risk Assessment

  • TSS risk assessment experts conduct feasibility assessments and due diligence reviews of existing and proposed renewable energy facilities. TSS also provides remediation and monitoring services of these facilities to identify operating and technology problems and offer recommendations or implement solutions. Our clients include lending institutions, investment banks, public and private utilities, tribes, and project purchasers as well as facility owners, operators, and developers.