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David Augustine

David Augustine
Senior Environmental Consultant
Email: daugis@winfirst.com
Phone: (916) 396-3719

David Augustine has over thirty years experience in environmental analysis, management, and compliance and the economic and financial analysis of electric generating facilities. He has worked for an electric utility, a natural gas utility and a number of management and environmental consulting firms. Clients worked for have included power plant developers, a residential developer, alternative electric generation developers, an engine inventor, and federal, state and local government agencies including the DOE, DOT and the California Public Utilities Commission.

Professional Experience

Environmental and Environmental Management

Mr. Augustine was the northern California operations manager for an environmental consulting firm and supervised approximately twenty-five employees. Responsibilities included personnel acquisition, retention, and dismissal, business development, project supervision, bid preparation and supervision, and strategic planning.

Mr. Augustine was the Environmental Project Manager for the certification of two combined cycle generating facilities and one peaking power plant with the California Energy Commission (CEC). In addition to project management, he has written several sections of the CEC Applications for Certification (an EIR), including Hazardous Materials Handling, Waste Management, Land Use, Socioeconomics, Worker Safety, Alternatives, Demand Conformance, and Facility Closure.

Other EIR and related work performed includes assistance in preparation of an EIR for a hazardous waste treatment facility in California, preparation of an environmental impact assessment questionaire leading to a Mitigated Negative Declaration for an 18-unit residential development, and assistance in preparation of a Mitigated Negative Declaration for a power plant.

Mr. Augustine was the project manager for preparation of a Risk Management Plan for a generating facility that stored and used anhydrous ammonia, and program manager for the analysis of pollution control projects considered by the California Pollution Control Financing Authority for financing assistance.

Mr. Augustine has performed numerous Phase I Environmental Site Assessments on industrial, commercial, residential, and military property, including assessments of numerous buildings and vacant land in conjunction with the closure of a U. S Army supply depot.

Economic/Financial Analysis-Generating Facilities

Economic and financial analysis includes the feasibility of a third AC transmission line from the Northwest to California, the economic feasibility of restarting a solar powered electric generating facility, estimation of the costs of generating power using various generating technologies, and analyses of cogeneration facilities. He has developed cost methodologies and prices that electric utilities should pay cogeneration and small power producers, and analyzed alternative power generation sources to a proposed large hydroelectric generating facility.


Performed acceptance tests on generating equipment and calculated heat balances and analyzed and selected equipment for cogeneration projects.


  • B.S. Mechanical Engineering/Power, Oregon State University – 1960
  • M.S. Business Administration/Finance, San Diego State University – 1970
  • J.D., Business Entities/Securities Regulation, University of San Diego – 1973
  • Hazardous Materials Management Certificate, University of California Extension, Santa Cruz – 1997
  • Advanced Environmental Management Certificate, University of California Extension, Santa Cruz – 1999
  • Site Assessment and Remediation Certificate, University of California Extension, Santa Cruz – 2001

Professional Licenses

  • Member of the Bar, California, No. 56481
  • Registered Professional Engineer, California, No. 16319
  • Registered Environmental Assessor, California, No. 06683
  • Licensed Real Estate Broker, California, No. 00481237