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Market Assessment & Financial Analysis


Bonneville Environmental Foundation

  • TSS provided market analysis for value-added technologies utilizing forest-sourced wood material within the Bonneville Power service territory including gasification, pyrolysis, and production of liquid transportation fuels.

Northern Arizona University

  • TSS provided a financial assessment for incorporating biomass thermal or combined heat and power technology into the Northern Arizona University campus energy system. TSS reviewed thermal only, behind the meter power, and utility-scale electricity production.

Renewable Energy Group

  • TSS provided a California statewide assessment of biomass power infrastructure forecasting market trends based on historic agricultural and utility data.


Imperial Ethanol

  • TSS was retained to assist Imperial Ethanol in the environmental and technical review of an ethanol production facility in the Imperial Valley of California. Unique to this ethanol facility was the use of cattle manure in an anaerobic digester to produce methane-rich biogas which would be used to fuel the process heat boilers for the ethanol production systems and distillation columns used to purify the ethanol to transportation fuel grade ethanol.

Great River Energy

  • TSS was retained by Great River Energy to conduct a market pricing and supply analysis for transportation grade ethanol production in North America.

Western Placer Waste Management Authority

  • TSS has been retained to assist in the evaluation of proposed new organics management options for a large regional landfill Northern California. TSS is specifically involved in the evaluation of materials balance in the conversion of source-separated food waste and organics separated from MSW in the facility materials recovery system, as well as the permitting pathways for the various options. TSS is also evaluating grants and other funding mechanisms for the various organics conversion options the Authority is evaluating.


CleanWorld (UCD)

  • TSS provided technical services for the permitting and utilization of anaerobic digestion solid and liquid byproducts for use as soil amendment and fertilizer.

Fire Safe Council of Nevada County

  • TSS assessed the potential for biochar as a secondary revenue source for a potential community-scale gasification facility in the Grass Valley, CA region.


Northern Arizona University

  • TSS analyzed the potential to use biomass feedstock to provide primary heat to the southern portion of Northern Arizona University’s campus district heating system using existing natural gas infrastructure for peak demand and system backup.

White Earth Nation

  • TSS assessed the potential to replace fuel oil and propane boilers at a casino resort complex on the White Earth Nation Reservation in western Minnesota.

Mono County

  • TSS assessed the potential to replace propane boilers within the Mammoth Lakes area with small-scale biomass boilers.


New Resource Bank

  • TSS was retained by New Resource Bank to conduct a due diligence grade feasibility study of the Kiara biomass cogeneration facility at Anderson, CA. The study was designed to comply with USDA Rural Development Department guidelines.

First Northern Bank

  • TSS provided a USDA Loan Guarantee third-party technical and economic feasibility study (per USDA guidelines) for a CleanWorld anaerobic digestion project at UC Davis. This facility combines biogas from food waste anaerobic digestion and landfill gas to produce electricity via 800 kilowatts of microturbine capacity.

Pearson BioEnergy

  • TSS conducted a third-party feasibility study for Pearson BioEnergy in support of their loan guarantee from the USDA. The facility was designed to use a biomass gasification technology for converting woody biomass waste or rice straw into fuel grade ethanol. The feasibility study included economic analysis, off take markets, technical potential, financial viability, and management feasibility.


CoBank Agricultural Credit Bank

  • TSS was retained by CoBank to conduct biomass fuel availability and pricing assessments for several planned and existing commercial-scale biomass power generation facilities.

NexBank Capital Advisors

  • TSS was retained by NexBank to provide technical and financial analysis for the refurbishment of a commercial-scale sawmill and biomass power facility in northern California.

Viridis Energy Capital

  • TSS was retained by Viridis to provide technical and financial analysis for the potential purchase of several existing commercial-scale biomass power facilities located in the province of Quebec.