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Environmental Permitting & Compliance


CHIPS (Initial Study)

  • TSS prepared the environmental impact assessment information necessary for an initial study of a 3 MW gasification facility in the Wilseyville, CA area addressing the 17 critical items evaluated as part of the CEQA project review.

Yosemite Sequoia Resource Conservation & Development Council

  • TSS provided management services to the Yosemite Sequoia RC&DC through the CEQA review and Conditional Use Permit process for a 1 MW gasification project in North Fork, CA. Madera County issued a mitigated negative declaration (MND) for the proposed project.

Gridley Ethanol

  • Gridley Ethanol was a proposed 350 Ton Per Day rice straw converted to ethanol facility to be located in the City of Gridley (CA) Industrial Park. Although TSS participated in numerous project development activities, one of the principal activities was working with the City Planning Department on the siting and land use entitlements for the ethanol facility.


Warm Springs Forest Products Industries

  • TSS prepared the application and subsequently managed the original Title V air permit (EPA Region 10) and recent Title V permit renewal for an industrial sawmill and biomass cogeneration facility. TSS provides ongoing compliance services for the Warm Springs Tribe.

White Mountain

  • TSS provided technical services for the White Mountain Apache Timber Company as they applied for a Title V permit (EPA Region 9) for an industrial sawmill and biomass cogeneration facility.

CleanWorld (SATS)

  • TSS acquired air permits for an 800 kW microturbine at the CleanWorld’s 50 TPD facility located at UC Davis along with 160 kW internal combustion engine and natural gas boilers at CleanWorld’s South Area Transfer Station (SATS) 100 TPD facility.


Buena Vista Biomass

  • The Buena Vista Biomass facility is a converted (from coal) woody biomass-fired direct combustion 18 MW power plant in Amador County, CA. The facility required up to 250 gallons per minute of water supply, which TSS helped secure. TSS also acquired the necessary permits from the Central Valley Regional Water Quality Control Board for a Class II wastewater impoundment..

Warm Springs Forest Products Industries

  • TSS acquired, and assists in regulatory compliance, a federal National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) for a large sawmill and collocated woody biomass cogeneration power plant. TSS is currently assisting the facility with the renewal of this NPDES permit through the USEPA Region 10 office.

Wineagle Geothermal

  • TSS prepared the NPDES permit renewal for surface disposal of fluids from an operating geothermal power plant in northeastern California and conducted a semi-annual geothermal fluid surface disposal monitoring program for over two decades. TSS worked with the facility owner reviewing lower temperature geothermal resources and electricity generation technologies.


Placer County Biomass Program (Cabin Creek)

  • TSS provided technical assistance for the full EIR that was conducted for the 2 MW gasification facility proposed at Cabin Creek (near Truckee, CA) in Placer County.

CleanWorld (UCD)

  • TSS managed the CEQA process, successfully acquiring a research exemption for CleanWorld’s UC Davis facility, the first CleanWorld anaerobic digestion system to collocate with a landfill.

Buena Vista Biomass Power

  • TSS provided technical assistance to Buena Vista Biomass Power as a full EIR was conducted for the 18 MW biomass power plant located in Ione, CA using orchard, urban, and forest-sourced biomass material. TSS also prepared the Conditional Use Permit application to the County Planning Department.


Buena Vista Biomass Power

  • TSS developed and submitted a Hazardous Materials Management Plan and a Spill Prevention and Control plan for an 18 MW biomass power plant in northern California.


  • TSS conducted a Phase 2 ESA at the CHIPS-owned site that was once part of an industrial-scale sawmill testing for soil contamination in areas identified in the Phase 1 ESA.


  • TSS is working with Sierra Energy, CalRecycle, and the Monterey County Department of Environmental Health on the approval of a demonstration project using a gasification process to convert municipal solid waste into electricity. TSS prepared the Solid Waste Permit application for submittal to Monterey County.

CleanWorld (ARP)

  • TSS prepared applications and supporting information for the approval of three anaerobic digestion facilities by the local solid waste enforcement agencies in the Sacramento region. These facilities currently utilize food and organic wastes in anaerobic digestion systems to produce both electricity and transportation fuels (renewable compressed natural gas).