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Feasibility Assessment & Technology Evaluation


White Earth Nation

  • TSS assessed the potential to replace fuel oil and propane boilers at a casino complex on the White Earth Nation tribal lands in northern Minnesota.


  • TSS assessed the potential to site a biomass boiler to provide thermal heat at the Sierra-at-Tahoe lodge in Truckee, CA to replace the use of propane.

NexBank Capital

  • TSS assessed the potential to utilize a biomass boiler as part of a new sawmill complex for power and steam production (for onsite lumber drying kilns) in Bieber, CA.

Norcal-Neva Resource Conservation and Development Council

  • TSS was retained by the North Cal-Neva Resource Conservation and Development Council to review the technical and financial feasibility of installing a biomass-fired boiler on a public school campus in Modoc County, CA.


CleanWorld (CEC Siting Study)

  • For a high solids anaerobic digestion company, TSS evaluated six sites for logistics, permit status and needs, CEQA needs, preliminary engineering and infrastructure needs, and environmental qualities. Sites evaluated were located in the California regions of Sacramento (food waste), Colusa County (agricultural waste), San Joaquin County (food processing waste), and Kern County (chicken manure and carcasses).

CH4 (Dairy)

  • TSS performed a USDA loan guarantee technology assessment for CH4 dairy digester technology at a site located in Tulare County, CA.

Nez Perce Tribe

  • TSS assessed the potential to locate an anaerobic digester using organic waste at the Nez Perce tribal lands located in north central Idaho.


Fire Safe Council of Nevada County

  • TSS conducted a technology evaluation of community-scale (< 3 MW) direct combustion and gasification technologies that could utilize sustainably available forest-sourced biomass material.

City of Rifle

  • TSS was selected by the City of Rifle, CO, to conduct a regional bio-feedstock availability analysis and feasibility study. The study area included numerous counties surrounding Rifle. Targeted technologies included gasification for combined power and heat as well as emerging technologies to produce advanced biofuels and composite materials.

East Bay Municipal Utility District

  • TSS conducted a technical assessment on the potential application of various thermochemical processes for the conversion of waste biomass at the EBMUD wastewater treatment plant in Oakland, CA. The assessment included the review of various thermochemical conversion technologies, preliminary assessment of processing and manufacturing systems, equipment and material balances for a full-scale commercial plant, and the calculation of energy balances and energy efficiencies for a proposed commercial plant.


Gridley Ethanol

  • TSS worked with the City of Gridley, CA on a multi-year, multi-million dollar project funded by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory and the U.S. Department of Energy Biomass Program. This project was multi-faceted, with a systematic evaluation of emerging technologies to produce ethanol using biomass feedstocks including rice straw. Both biochemical (hydrolysis of biomass and fermentation of resultant sugars) and thermochemical (biomass gasification and syngas reformation to ethanol) conversion technologies were evaluated in detail.

Minnesota Power

  • TSS identified advanced biofuels technology developers for Minnesota Power by matching technology feedstock requirements with available forest biomass feedstock.

Handbook for Developing Biomass to Liquid Fuels Projects

  • TSS was retained by the New Mexico Energy, Minerals and Natural Resources Department to prepare a handbook outlining key steps in the advanced biofuels project development process. Target audience for this publication was entrepreneurs focused on biomass utilization technologies.


Preliminary Feasibility Study for a Biomass Energy Facility in the Grand Canyon Area

  • TSS was retained by the Tusayan-Grand Canyon Sustainable Energy Project Committee to review the technical and financial feasibility of utilizing locally produced waste (including food waste, municipal solid waste, and wood waste) as feedstock for a biomass power gasification facility sited near the North Rim of the Grand Canyon.

C&S Waste Solutions

  • TSS is assisting a California and Nevada regional waste management company with planning for new materials recovery facilities at one of their transfer stations and landfill. TSS is also evaluating organics separation technologies for the possible conversion of the organics waste stream into renewable electricity or alternative transportation fuel.

Western Placer Waste Management Authority (WPWMA)

  • TSS is working with the WPWMA and its contractor, Capitol Public Finance Group, evaluating several options for the potential use of landfill gas for electricity production, transportation fuels (renewable compressed natural gas), and direct use of the biogas for process heat.