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Frederick Tornatore, CTO of TSS, appointed to the Joint Institute of Wood Products Innovation Advisory Council

Frederick Tornatore, CTO of TSS Consultants (Sacramento, CA) has been appointed by the California Board of Forestry and Fire Protection to serve on the Joint Institute for Wood Products Innovation Advisory Council.  His two-year term will begin on April 1, 2024.  The Joint Institute is dedicated to California forest product information, research, and analysis to increase economic drivers for healthy forests. Institute work focuses on long-term ecological and economic sustainability; education and outreach; increased forest resilience, long-term carbon storage, and local economies; and industry retention and development in California.  Mr. Tornatore will focus his attention on the use of forest-sourced biomass in the production of bioenergy, including electricity, biofuels, and biochar for the Joint Institute.  Mr. Tornatore has over 30 years of experience in the renewable bioenergy sector.