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Chief Technical Officer of TSS Re-elected Chairperson of the Bioenergy Association of California

Frederick Tornatore, Chief Technical Officer and Co-owner of TSS Consultants, has been re-elected the 2022 Chairperson of the Bioenergy Association of California (BAC).  TSS was a Founding Member of this organization in 2012 and has continued to hold positions on the Board of Directors since then.  The BAC was established to promote sustainable bioenergy development.  Bioenergy includes renewable electricity, low carbon transportation fuels and pipeline biogas generated from organic waste such as dairy and agricultural waste, food and yard waste, wastewater treatment, organic waste diverted from landfills, and forest biomass .  BAC’s members include private companies, public agencies, local governments, investors, consultants, nonprofits, individuals and others interested in promoting community-scale bioenergy generation.  BAC focuses on policy advocacy, public education and outreach, research, and industry best practices.  For further information on the BAC, see www.bioenergy.org.