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17 Sep 2017

Upper Verde River Watershed Protection Coalition Retains TSS to Conduct Feasibility Assessment

The Upper Verde River Watershed Protection Coalition is seeking alternative value-added utilization opportunities for excess woody biomass generated as a byproduct of watershed restoration, fuels reduction, and grassland restoration activities in central/northern region of Arizona. Water availability and quality are a major concern for the Coalition, and wildfire represents the most significant threat to key watersheds within the region. In October 2016 TSS Consultants (TSS) completed a Phase I biomass feedstock supply availability assessment and found significant volumes of biomass feedstock technically available from forest and range restoration activities conducted in central Arizona. If markets are available for biomass feedstocks, TSS found that the pace and scale of treatments in central Arizona could exceed 20,000 acres annually. In September 2017, the Coalition retained TSS to commence work on a Phase II Feasibility Assessment for a commercial-scale biomass conversion facility in central Arizona.

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