TSS provides feasibility assessment and technology review services to renewable energy project developers, owners, operators, investment banks, and public agencies. Assessments and evaluations range from fatal flaw reviews to comprehensive due diligence grade investigations. While our primary focus is the bioenergy sector, TSS also provides essential development team expertise needed for geothermal, wind and solar developers and investors. Our development team performs feasibility studies, economic and environmental risk assessments, raw material feedstock procurement, and market contract negotiations.

  • Biomass Boilers
    TSS has conducted technology evaluations on a wide range of biomass boiler technologies and scales. From 1.0 Btu/hour thermal units to 50 MW industrial-scale biomass power generation facilities, TSS is well versed in the technology, operations and maintenance.
  • Anaerobic Digestion and Dairy Digesters
    For a variety of private and public sector clients, TSS has conducted technology, and financial, evaluations on a variety of anaerobic digestion systems and equipment for the conversion of food/organic and manure waste streams to both electricity and renewable natural gas.
  • Gasification and Pyrolysis
    TSS has extensive experience evaluating gasification and pyrolysis technologies, particularly for community-scale renewable electricity development. TSS uses a detailed and systematic approach to evaluate established and emerging technologies to match client needs to the proper system.
  • Biofuels
    TSS has been involved in the feasibility evaluation of biomass conversion to transportation fuels for nearly 20 years.  TSS has examined several types of biomass feedstocks and waste streams including food and organic waste, MSW, woody biomass, agricultural residues, and livestock manure.
  • Waste to Energy
    Many of TSS’s feasibility and technical studies and projects for client have involved a Municipal Solid Waste to Energy component.  And, as part of those studies and project, TSS has honed its waste characterization and procurement abilities.